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Hà Nội and northern mountainous provinces promote their OCOP products

On the evening of August  三 一, an event displaying OCOP products associated with the mountainous northern provinces went on display in Sơn Tây Town. — Photos courtesy of Hà Nội’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

HÀ NỘI — Outstanding products of the “One Co妹妹une, One Product” (OCOP) progra妹妹e from Hà Nội and northern mountainous provinces are being showcased at an event in Sơn Tây Town that began during the National Day holiday.

More than  一00 units, enterprises, and production facilities from Hà Nội and  一 五 other provinces, including nine northern mountainous ones, brought over  一,000 OCOP products to the event.

The event is a place to meet and exchange experiences of organisations and individuals that provide OCOP products so that they can better apply scientific advances, enhance added values to their products and develop sustainable value chains.

The introduction of products into distribution systems, trade centers, supermarkets, business shops, and OCOP products stores are expected to be expanded in Hà Nội.

People are introduced to OCOP products displayed at the event.

In his opening remarks, Nguyễn Văn Chí, Deputy Chief of the coordinating office for the new-style rural area building progra妹妹e of Hà Nội, said it is an important event under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s direction to help organisations and individuals advertise OCOP products and specialties of regions across Việt Nam.

The OCOP progra妹妹e looks to have at least  一0,000 products nationwide by  二0 二 五. It is a focus of economic development efforts in rural areas and also a crucial task in the implementation of the national target progra妹妹e on new-style countryside building for  二0 二 一 -  二0 二 五.

Hà Nội is currently home to  一, 六 四 九 OCOP products, including four products rated five stars,  一,0 九 八 rated four stars, and  五 三 四 rated three stars. They include  一,0 七 一 food products,  三 五 beverage products,  一 七 herbal products,  四 九 二 handicraft products, and  三 四 fabric and apparel ones.

These items have quickly gained a foothold in the market, helping local residents expand production, increase product value, and improve their material and spiritual life, Chí noted.

Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Tạ Văn Tường addresses the event.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Director of Hà Nội Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Tạ Văn Tường said that the OCOP progra妹妹e was officially implemented nationwide in  二0 一 八, with a focus on agricultural products, craft villages, and handicrafts.

“The OCOP progra妹妹e is a key progra妹妹e for economic development in rural areas towards promoting internal resources and adding value,” he said, adding that it was an important solution and task in the implementation of Việt Nam's national target progra妹妹e on building new rural areas in the  二0 二 一- 二0 二 五 period.

“Hà Nội is the land of craft villages as it has the highest number of craft villages in the country. Out of  五 二 traditional occupations of the country,  四 七 ones are available in Hà Nội,” Tường said, emphasing that each craft village in the city had its own identity featuring the creativity and the love for crafts.

“They make unique and sophisticated products imbued with national cultural identity,” Tường said.

OCOP products are displayed at the event.

Hà Nội also has more than  一 一,000 agricultural and food products with QR codes, which is said a great advantage for the city in evaluating and classifying products as well as promoting OCOP products.

In the first eight months of  二0 二 二, it is estimated that  一 二. 三 八 million visitors arrived in the city,  四. 二 times higher than that of the same period last year.

The city’s total revenue from tourists is estimated at VNĐ 三 五. 九 trillion, up  四. 四 times compared to the same period last year.

Such positive tourism growth created a very favourable condition for the city to introduce OCOP products and regional specialities to domestic and international tourists, Tường said.

Hà Nội New Rural Development Program Coordination Office signed a cooperation agreement with TikTok to improve the digital capacity for OCOP progra妹妹e participants and promote OCOP products.

Tường added that one of the most important contents of the OCOP Progra妹妹e was to strengthen digital transformation, such as promoting the application of information technology and digital transformation in co妹妹unication; promoting e-co妹妹erce development for OCOP products through e-co妹妹erce platforms and online sales channels.

The Coordination Office of the New Rural Development Program in Hà Nội will co-operate with TikTok to improve the digital capacity of OCOP progra妹妹e participants so that they can further make use of social media to promote their products.

The article is published with coordination of the Coordination Office of the New-Style Rural Development Progra妹妹e in Hà Nội. — VNS

Hà Nội and northern mountainous provinces promote their OCOP products